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4 backyard landscaping trends

Not sure where to start? Looking for inspiration? These popular on tend gardening and landscaping ideas will help turn your backyard into a unique living oasis.

Enhanced nature gardens

Biodiversity is the key to having a sustainable garden. A biodiverse garden should not only look magical and colourful to humans but should also be appealing to bees, birds and insects. This trend is known as ‘rewilding’ and it involves grouping plants together to create a natural living environment where everything works together.

Split-level gardens

All too often backyards and gardens are on a single level, which restricts the way space can be used. By adding multiple levels, you can create a much more interesting and usable space. In most cases, this will involve hiring an excavation company to carry out earthmoving work. But don’t worry, this is less expensive than you might think and will add value to your home in the long run.

Multi-function spaces

There is a move for the garden to become more integrated into the home. This means creating multi-functional spaces which can serve as dining rooms, lounges and even game areas. Traditional landscaping materials such as stone and concrete can be used to create practical multifunctional areas. You may also want to consider installing slim frameless doors which can be folded away to create large open alfresco dining or living areas.

Organic forms

Another trend is introducing organic shapes and making your backyard look more natural. You can achieve this by avoiding linear or straight lines in your garden designs and focusing on creating different plant layers and shapes. You can also use materials such as steel, timber and concrete to create naturalistic looking structures. The voids between the structure can then be planted with a combination of flowers and vegetables thereby creating the ultimate contemporary garden.

Call in the excavators

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